The Desert Brumby - DVD


This is an educational and entertaining look at the tough and unique lifestyle of the desert horse as it struggles in its daily search for feed and water, over hundreds of kilometers of desert rock and sand in some of the most arid country in the world.

The movie is narrated by world leading equine foot scientist Professor Chris Pollitt. Chris takes us through a journey in the life of the desert Brumby and explains how the ABRU is using science to unlock some of the mysteries surrounding these remarkable animals.

There is some fantastic footage of the country that the horses inhabit and great scenes of horses travelling, fighting and surviving against the odds. The movie features Christine, the paint Brumby mare from Queensland, who survived a 4 month stay in the desert to reveal the effect that the long daily distances on rough terrain has on sculpturing the desert foot. There is footage of her darting, capture and initial handling, how she joined up with her new desert band and the GPS track of where she went for that 4 month period.

This DVD will be watched repeatedly by general horse people, wildlife enthusiasts and will make a great teaching tool for equine courses and foot trimming clinics.

DVD preview

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