Holistic Horse and Hoofcare Seminar

The first two days are open to anyone who wants to learn about the holistic approach of keeping their horse healthy, or get it back to health. In other words, you learn about the three holistic columns: structural, mental, and metabolic health. Topics covered are:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Functional Anatomy
  • Hoof Functions
  • Transition to Barefoot
  • Shoeing and its effects
  • Boarding Conditions

The third day will focus on the practical application of a healthy hoof shape as taught in the first two days. This is done through non-invasive trimming techniques on cadaver hooves and illustrative dissections. This day is also interesting for people of have attended previous Strasser Holistic Horse and Hoofcare Seminars.

To be able to attend the final day, you need to have attended the first two, and ideally have a Strasser Hoofcare Professional assess your horse's situation (or have at least an appointment for one). We feel the latter is very important as it is not realistic to learn barefoot hoof care in a couple of days and then apply it to a horse - which potentially does not have healthy feet.

barefoot transition

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